January 6, 2010

Winter Blues

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Ciao everyone,

Well school has started again, the packing, moving and unpacking is accomplished and a routine will inevitably fall into place. What is not so inevitable is me getting used to walking in this weather! At 22 degrees with a wind chill that makes it feel like 7 degrees, going out much seems borderline insane! Still, I have a lot of goals and extra-curricular’s I’m involved in and I can only hope that I become a pro at extreme “bundling up.”

I think winter can be a hard time for anyone, but after a little research I found that women suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder the most. 75-80% of people who suffer from SAD are women with the majority being over 30. Often it is caused from a simple lack of light but heredity, age and chemical makeup play a part as well.

Even if one doesn’t suffer from SAD- it is easy to get into a similar type of “winter blues.” Being stuck inside all day, with constant cold and gray skies does not lend itself to a rousing good time! So I challenge everyone to make the most out of their winter. Yes I know, we are all very busy, but I find that in the nicer months we somehow make time to enjoy the elements and our day, so why not in winter also? Go for a walk after dinner despite the cold! Make a snowman, clean your house of clutter to prevent cabin fever, grow a plant indoors for some greenery, open your curtains all the way during the day to let the sun in. Savor and enjoy your hot tea/coffee/cocoa, take a bubble bath, go ice-skating or rediscover the fun things there are to do indoors!

Ha I know I sound corny, but maybe it will help! My plan to not get into a winter slump is to take a slightly smaller workload, stick with a workout plan that includes yoga (something I often give up despite my extreme love for it), let myself have the broccoli cheddar soup, and hopefully build a snowman at some point!

Tell me how you feel about winter! Do you get irritable and moody as many do? Do you love the snow? What is your favorite winter activity- whether inside or outside? A funny story, a question, a fact- anything!

Best friends forever,

hahaha 🙂