March 8, 2010

International Women’s Day

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Today is a very happy day for Because I Am a Woman readers- It’s International Women’s Day!!

IWD started in 1909 in America and is now celebrated every March 8th by hundreds of countries around the world.

“Activists of All India Women Cultural Organization take out a rally on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in New Delhi, India, 8 Mar 2010” –Associated Press

This year, the International Committee of the Red Cross is raising awareness for women displaced by armed conflict. They say,

“We want not only to draw attention to the plight of these women but also to acknowledge their tremendous courage and resilience in ensuring the survival of their families in hostile and unfamiliar circumstances.

I think it is equally important to raise awareness of the specific threats women face as a result of displacement. All too often, women and children are lumped together as the most vulnerable group. However, the two are very different groups, each with specific vulnerabilities and needs.

Women are not totally helpless. Our idea is to move away from assumptions and stereotypes and instead call attention to women’s specific needs, vulnerabilities in wartime, and indeed the remarkable strength they show in protecting and supporting their families and finding ingenuous ways of coping with their ordeal.”

Beyond this, International Women’s day is a day to celebrate the beauty and strength women have no matter what race, religion, nationality, orientation or age! It has been used as a political platform, but today I hope we can celebrate it with love, grace, beauty and power, towards each other and our accomplishments world wide.

To finish up, this video from NATO leaves us with a simple message, not against men, just against not allowing women equal rights.


Gina Marie


February 5, 2010

Your Lists!

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First, let me say THANK YOU for sharing your lists with me, for the encouragement and also for such a personal glimpse into your minds! I can’t explain how much joy this brought me! Reading over the comments there were DEFINITELY some themes (many themes actually.) The ones I tallied the most of though went something like this (highly paraphrased of course):

Surround yourself with positive people then always, always, ALWAYS appreciate those special people. Your amazing friends and family members, they are more valuable than you can imagine. Make sure you keep in touch with these people no matter how far and make sure to let them know how much they mean to you from time to time.

Find something you love and go for it! Follow your passion and HAVE passion- it is more essential to your day to day life than first meets the eye.

Get your feelings out rather than bottling them in. It is better to express yourself- whether that is through writing, drawing, singing, dancing, talking, laughing, or smiling. Never forget to smile and to LOVE YOURSELF!

And lastly, as much as all of us teenagers don’t show it, the number one most common response was to love your Family- particularly your mother. To say thank you, appreciate them, listen to them, work to spend time with them instead of doing everything you can to leave. Don’t take your family for granted- life is short.

These responses were all amazing, but something I got even greater joy out of was the feeling of community the responses gave me- even through the internet. Amanda quoting Regina, people reading other peoples lists and borrowing aspects of it, compliments given (thanks Allie!) and even more exciting, Patricia V. Davis actually commented!! Thats right, the author of the original list, founder and editor-in-chief of Harlots Sauce Radio and e-magazine, author of multiple poems on women’s issues and keeper of a bossy blog COMMENTED THIS BLOG!!! We’re practically famous! haha It’s because I am a woman! 🙂

Thank you all!
~Gina Marie

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Hey everyone,
I hope you all had an awesome New Year’s Eve, and that it continues on into 2010. Gina wrote such a great post about New Year’s that I feel like there isn’t much left to say about it, but I still can’t help feeling nostalgic about 2009 with 2010 here already.
Every year at this time, I’m always thinking about where I was the previous year. Of course some things I plan and expect, but there are always changes which continue to surprise me. And every year, it seems to be the surprises that I treasure the most. The things I had no idea were going to happen, but they did, and I can look back and think how wonderful they turned out to be. I wish I had some great piece of advice to give you all, but you’ve probably heard it before, and in a more inspirational piece of writing. I want to tell you instead I hope that you all have a wonderful 2010, filled with many wonderful surprises.
Happy New Year!