December 10, 2009

A Few Insecurity Fixers!

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I am the worst blog partner ever. I know, I know, Gina is amazing and does so well posting which is awesome, because lately I’ve been slacking. So, searching on the Internet tonight, I found this article on self confidence at that I thought would interest you guys!

The title of the article is 3 Things Women Say That Make Them Look Insecure (and How to Stop and Just Be Your Amazing Self), which is pretty self explanatory. It’s written by the Editor-In-Chief of Glamour, Cindi Leive, who has hired tons of women over the years and has noticed three things that women say that can make them seem “less self-assured than they deserve.” Those three would be:
1. Using the word “like”
2. Accepting the compliment
3. Undermining your own ideas
She goes on to explain how to stop these little insecurities, and you can find the rest of the article here. For me at least, I found this to be very helpful, considering I have my own self-confidence issues that I deal with as much as the next girl. What do you guys think? Are these tips silly, or do they actually have some merit in helping women garner themselves more self confidence?