November 5, 2010

Are YOU Pretty?

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Ciao ragazze!

Even if poetry isn’t your thing or you’ve never heard someone perform it out loud, this is something you have to watch. Poetry slammer Katie Makkai rocks this performance about “pretty” and how we use such a silly word to define ourselves. Raw and real it gets to the point. Watch it and tell me what you think!

The word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be,
and no child of mine will be contained in six letters.
You will be
pretty intelligent,
pretty creative,
pretty amazing,
but you will never be merely “pretty.”

There is so much more that makes someone pretty than a straight nose and nice clothes. Are you living a pretty life?

Here’s to striving for something more substantial than simply “pretty.”


August 15, 2010

Water & Oil

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It was April 20th when BP’s deepwater oil well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and effectively started the United State’s largest oil spill. We have all watched, nearly helpless, as estimates of 4,200,000 gallons of oil poured into the sea daily.

Now barely four months later, Vogue Italia’s August Issue features an oil-inspired spread among its glossy pages. Covering 24 pages, the controversial photo spread titled “Water & Oil” are being discussed internationally. The images show model Kristen McMenamy in outfits made of net and feathers draped over rocks and covered in oil, lying prone or even choking on water.

The Today Show asked viewers to leave a comment on their opinion of the “Water & Oil” photo spread. As can be expected, people range from: “The “fashion” world has always gone to far….but this is ridiculous! I am cancelling my subscription NOW!”-Luna0316. To: “It’s art and it makes a topical statement. Art is meant to be thought-provoking and sometimes angering. I wish it was Vogue US, not Italia.” from “trivia.”

Capturing people’s attention was one goal that has clearly been accomplished. Photographed by Steven Meisel, the pictures are haunting yet capturing. Journalists, bloggers, readers are debating it’s message/motivation.

Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, said the shoot reflects the magazine’s effort to “find an idea that comes from real life. … There is nothing political. There is nothing social. It’s only visually. We gave a message but in a visual way.” –according to Lisa Orkin Emmanuel – Associated Press.

Deputy Editor Dodai Stewart of Jezebel, a sight frequently mentioned here on becauseiamawoman, disagrees. “I didn’t feel it made a statement,” she said in an interview. “I felt that they used the oil spill as a backdrop. There was one picture that had feathers. … What makes a stronger statement about oil-slicked birds is an oil-slicked bird.”

I don’t know the true motivation of Vogue Italia, if it is to sell more issues or to raise an important environmental issue. Still, I think Stewart is wrong. It is easier to ignore something (sometimes even someone) who doesn’t look like us. Forcing people to think of themselves in the same position millions of animals are currently in, covered in oil, choking on oil, drowning in oil, will perhaps help them realize the sincerity of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Check out the entire slideshow here and let me know what you think!

January 26, 2010

Plus Size Fashion

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Hey everyone,
If you have ever read a fashion magazine, you have probably noticed the plethora of perfectly perfect models that appear smiling back at you on every page. This can be kind of frustrating to look at month after month, issue after issue, especially if you aren’t feeling perfectly perfect yourself. That’s why I find it so refreshing to see (for the hope of not sounding too cliche) REAL women in the pages of magazines, who have flaws, and are all the more beautiful for them.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the Dove Real Beauty campaign, which I personally loved. Embracing women for themselves is always inspiring. Today I saw this article on about the status of plus-size fashion debate, and found it both exciting and depressing. It goes more in depth in the article, but what I was glad to hear was the fact that more people are starting to take notice of plus-size models in the high fashion industry, notoriously know for it’s stick-thin standards of beauty. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and if any of you hear more news about this, please let us know!
Have a good week!