September 28, 2010

Disney Princesses

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Ahhh, the ever controversial Disney. It has been discussed countless times before, but considering the only readers I have are people I know and love, I want to hear what YOU think!!

Like many of you, I grew up with Disney. I probably know every word to every Disney movie considering how many times I’ve seen them all. As a little girl, I think I would have given away my security stuffed animal if it meant I could become Ariel (I mean come on–everyone loves the ocean!!) However this picture brings up a different point.

or this one:

Let’s think a little:

Beauty and the Beast:

Belle likes to read and takes care of her Father. She refuses to marry the typical, expected, handsome guy because his personality is horrible and seems to see past the superficial things of other people. Still, she is pretty and her kiss is what saves the day.


Mulan isn’t necessarily a princess, however she is a Disney female and a brave one at that. She defies the stereotypes for women of her time (also disregarding her family but her intentions were good) and seems to prove that women can be whoever they want to be.


Jasmine, the spoiled princess. Yes, she did try and break the mold and make decisions on her own, also in the end she tried to aid in her own rescue with the resources she had. Unfortunately that resource was her sexuality.

Sleeping Beauty:

Aurora was promised to a man and hidden away to protect her from an evil witch of some sort. Her two greatest gifts (not born with, but received from fairies) are her beauty and singing voice (ever heard of kindness, listening abilities, diplomacy…I could go on), besides that she barely ever talks. Finally she is saved by a prince’s kiss, aka completely dependent on others.

The Little Mermaid:

Ariel is defiant and young, she works hard for her dreams, however this means giving up her voice just to marry a beautiful man. Umm HELLO?!!? It makes me sad because she is by far my favorite of the Disney princesses (basically just because she’s a mermaid though) but that couldn’t be a more blatant message–Give up your individuality/voice for a man. At least in the end she helps kill the witch, save the man AND gets her voice back.


Cinderella seems to be neutral in the feminism department. Her beauty and marriage to a man is what saved the day. However she did stand up to her step mother (kinda) and fought to accomplish her goals (umm…to go to a dance.) Definitely would have been better if she wished for something more positive and independent to gain her independence.


Pocahontas is strong, brave and refused to back down from what she wanted. Her love started a war, but only because of the misperceptions of men and after she successfully ended the war. I can’t really think of many anti-feminine things she did.

Princess and the Frog:

I have yet to see this movie, but the diversity and more of an “open-mind” concept is something I can’t complain about. I hear Princess Tiana is a rather good princess. Anyone seen it yet?

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Please– add on to my thoughts! What do you think, did Disney affect you as a child or is it solely a movie? In my opinion, there are worse things that children watch then movies about Disney Princesses. On the other hand, it is a brand that we trust to influence our children greatly. AND of course, which is YOUR favorite movie? 🙂

Other things to consider:
– At least the men were always Prince’s/Nobel/other good qualities
– The majority of Disney Princesses are brave
– As the movies become more modern, they seem to become a little bit better in the feminism department (think Mulan, Princess and the Frog)
– ALL of the Princesses are unrealistically (even for a cartoon) skinny.
– Think of the time period!
– ?



September 5, 2010

This Is Your Life

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Simple, powerful, uplifting. via Holstee Love it!

August 15, 2010

Water & Oil

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It was April 20th when BP’s deepwater oil well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and effectively started the United State’s largest oil spill. We have all watched, nearly helpless, as estimates of 4,200,000 gallons of oil poured into the sea daily.

Now barely four months later, Vogue Italia’s August Issue features an oil-inspired spread among its glossy pages. Covering 24 pages, the controversial photo spread titled “Water & Oil” are being discussed internationally. The images show model Kristen McMenamy in outfits made of net and feathers draped over rocks and covered in oil, lying prone or even choking on water.

The Today Show asked viewers to leave a comment on their opinion of the “Water & Oil” photo spread. As can be expected, people range from: “The “fashion” world has always gone to far….but this is ridiculous! I am cancelling my subscription NOW!”-Luna0316. To: “It’s art and it makes a topical statement. Art is meant to be thought-provoking and sometimes angering. I wish it was Vogue US, not Italia.” from “trivia.”

Capturing people’s attention was one goal that has clearly been accomplished. Photographed by Steven Meisel, the pictures are haunting yet capturing. Journalists, bloggers, readers are debating it’s message/motivation.

Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, said the shoot reflects the magazine’s effort to “find an idea that comes from real life. … There is nothing political. There is nothing social. It’s only visually. We gave a message but in a visual way.” –according to Lisa Orkin Emmanuel – Associated Press.

Deputy Editor Dodai Stewart of Jezebel, a sight frequently mentioned here on becauseiamawoman, disagrees. “I didn’t feel it made a statement,” she said in an interview. “I felt that they used the oil spill as a backdrop. There was one picture that had feathers. … What makes a stronger statement about oil-slicked birds is an oil-slicked bird.”

I don’t know the true motivation of Vogue Italia, if it is to sell more issues or to raise an important environmental issue. Still, I think Stewart is wrong. It is easier to ignore something (sometimes even someone) who doesn’t look like us. Forcing people to think of themselves in the same position millions of animals are currently in, covered in oil, choking on oil, drowning in oil, will perhaps help them realize the sincerity of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Check out the entire slideshow here and let me know what you think!

May 31, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

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Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! The weather is beautiful and if you feel anything like I have lately you needed this weekend! I hope you took some time to relax! 🙂

1. This blog, ColorMeKatie, by freelance photographer and street artist Katie Sokoler has so much feel-good art its sure to life your spirits! In one post she admits, “Many people in my family suffer from depression. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to become a photographer. I wanted to create colorful, positive, feel good images.” I think it works! And her style is so fun! For instance she painted her walls white so that she could continually change the background of her room with paper or paint etc. Another one of my favorites is her “thought bubble” work. Check it out!

2. This is a tumbler page that I stumbled upon via facebook (because I’m a big creeper) of my friend Erin’s work. She is in her second year at Columbus College of Art and Design and I am completely fascinated by her, and all the friends I have who followed their passion and went to an art school!! Fascinated and maybe a little bit jealous too 🙂

3. This is a little random (ok a lot random) but I thought it was appropriate, or at the very least funny. Recently my friend reintroduced me to my xanga (like an online diary similar to blogs.) I wrote on my xanga all through eighth grade and freshman year and the posts are often hilarious. One post I found while rereading my long lost online diary had this list, something I thought could be found at becauseiamawoman. It made me laugh to think that in many ways I haven’t changed much, despite all the years since.

“Obvious but overlooked things that life offers that make ME happy-
Optimists, Non-profit organizations, Constellations, Babies, Smiles!!, Music!!!!, Complements, Nature, Aromatherapy, Sleeeeeeep, Eating healthy, Swinging, Singing!!, Meditating, Trying new things, Waving to people, Laughing!

Some of the not so obvious things that life as to offer that makes me happy-
(Remember this is not obvious, usual things lol)

Sour patch kid, candy bars (homemade!), Silk bugs (they make silk and silk is awesome), Commercial jingles, Sparkles and colors, Smiles!!, Light, Breezes on hot days, Free Will, Emotions, Books, Dry-Erase boards, Flavored ice-cubes, Watermelon, Clouds in the shape of things, Very unique personalities, Tie-dyed things, Disney movies!!

This is just a short list. lol I had fun. and that made me happy also!! lol comment on what u think or if u have anything to add, remember I tried to steer clear of the obvious friends and family type thing because everyone knows that makes them happy.

-Tuesday July 26th 2005”

haha woooow. please excuse the use of the letter “u” in replace of the word “you,” I was 14!! haa Anyway feel free to add to either list! It’s fun and a sure way to get you thinking positively!

Remember to thank any veterans you know or love! My prayers go out to both my grandpas 🙂

Love, Gina