Who We Are

This collaborative blog was created to celebrate women and all their achievements. We want to provide sources of inspiration and create a community of encouragement where we explore ideas, studies, profiles or any other concept that relates to women and the amazing things they can do!

Created by Jessica Salerno and Gina Mussio.


  1. Rob Dvorak said,

    Hey Ladies–
    First, am I really allowed to read your blog? Now that I have a daughter, there are definitely things for me to learn, but I don’t ever really want to watch “City.” I tried once, but I found the drinking of foofy martinis a bit tiresome. Plus, what’s up with Mr. Big? First, the guy looks like the kind of dude that reeks of cigarettes and aftershave (I’m well over that phase of my life now, thank goodness); secondly, and most importantly, Mr. Big is the name of a cheesy 80’s band, and I can’t get around the name.
    Good luck with your blog!

    • Mr. Devo,
      Umm of COURSE you are allowed to read our blog. First of all because I invited you to, and second of all because it’s on the internet free for anyone so it’s not really like we could stop you haha. ALSO I have never watched the seasons of the “City” as you say but Salerno and I watched the movie during finals weekend like…. seven times. Mr. Big is an adequate name because he occasionally is a Big jerk! Most importantly though, there truly are a ton of things for you to learn now that you have a daughter. For example, screaming about spiders not only is necessary… its unavoidable. Also girls are much more expensive than boys, but you may not notice as much because I’m sure she will have you wrapped around her finger if she doesn’t already. 🙂 Thanks for the Comment! ~Gina

  2. Julie Mussio said,

    l’ve read everything you write so keep writing!

  3. thebangstore said,

    Thank you for your sensitive discipline. I’ve found you simply because you are most recently listed as having posted to your blog This is my first attempt into this inscrutable relm, and having landed surreptitiously on your most feminine beauty, is as much chance for me, as you; I know nothing of this art, and do it less well than even that small margin should allow.
    If you by chance, receive this note, well, nice, I wish you very well. If you answer it, I will tell everyone I am a genius; and if I ever find it again, I will have proved it.
    And if you have wisdom to share; blogging or otherwise, come and sit by me.
    All the best,

    • Michael,

      Thank you, I am so happy you stumbled upon this blog! We work hard to create interesting posts and it is always a happy surprise when we receive feedback from someone who is not an immediate friend. So welcome and good luck with your first steps in the blogging world 🙂


      • thebangstore said,

        Hi Gina, I hope you get this note. I am at such a loss. My address is
        http://thebangstore.wordpress.com/ and yet, when I type it in a search engine, I get nothing. How are my friends supposed to access my site? Thanks, God bless you.

  4. Nicole Mussio-Hobson said,

    Gina and Salerno,
    You both are such talented writers! Just got internet access at home so will be a frequent visitor! Love you! xoxoxo

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