September 28, 2010

Disney Princesses

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Ahhh, the ever controversial Disney. It has been discussed countless times before, but considering the only readers I have are people I know and love, I want to hear what YOU think!!

Like many of you, I grew up with Disney. I probably know every word to every Disney movie considering how many times I’ve seen them all. As a little girl, I think I would have given away my security stuffed animal if it meant I could become Ariel (I mean come on–everyone loves the ocean!!) However this picture brings up a different point.

or this one:

Let’s think a little:

Beauty and the Beast:

Belle likes to read and takes care of her Father. She refuses to marry the typical, expected, handsome guy because his personality is horrible and seems to see past the superficial things of other people. Still, she is pretty and her kiss is what saves the day.


Mulan isn’t necessarily a princess, however she is a Disney female and a brave one at that. She defies the stereotypes for women of her time (also disregarding her family but her intentions were good) and seems to prove that women can be whoever they want to be.


Jasmine, the spoiled princess. Yes, she did try and break the mold and make decisions on her own, also in the end she tried to aid in her own rescue with the resources she had. Unfortunately that resource was her sexuality.

Sleeping Beauty:

Aurora was promised to a man and hidden away to protect her from an evil witch of some sort. Her two greatest gifts (not born with, but received from fairies) are her beauty and singing voice (ever heard of kindness, listening abilities, diplomacy…I could go on), besides that she barely ever talks. Finally she is saved by a prince’s kiss, aka completely dependent on others.

The Little Mermaid:

Ariel is defiant and young, she works hard for her dreams, however this means giving up her voice just to marry a beautiful man. Umm HELLO?!!? It makes me sad because she is by far my favorite of the Disney princesses (basically just because she’s a mermaid though) but that couldn’t be a more blatant message–Give up your individuality/voice for a man. At least in the end she helps kill the witch, save the man AND gets her voice back.


Cinderella seems to be neutral in the feminism department. Her beauty and marriage to a man is what saved the day. However she did stand up to her step mother (kinda) and fought to accomplish her goals (umm…to go to a dance.) Definitely would have been better if she wished for something more positive and independent to gain her independence.


Pocahontas is strong, brave and refused to back down from what she wanted. Her love started a war, but only because of the misperceptions of men and after she successfully ended the war. I can’t really think of many anti-feminine things she did.

Princess and the Frog:

I have yet to see this movie, but the diversity and more of an “open-mind” concept is something I can’t complain about. I hear Princess Tiana is a rather good princess. Anyone seen it yet?

Most images and some ideas (via)

Please– add on to my thoughts! What do you think, did Disney affect you as a child or is it solely a movie? In my opinion, there are worse things that children watch then movies about Disney Princesses. On the other hand, it is a brand that we trust to influence our children greatly. AND of course, which is YOUR favorite movie? 🙂

Other things to consider:
– At least the men were always Prince’s/Nobel/other good qualities
– The majority of Disney Princesses are brave
– As the movies become more modern, they seem to become a little bit better in the feminism department (think Mulan, Princess and the Frog)
– ALL of the Princesses are unrealistically (even for a cartoon) skinny.
– Think of the time period!
– ?




  1. Jensen. said,

    so first of all i LOVE how you did this! we were just talking about this in my womens studies class! and i LOVE how you said ‘um HELLOO!!’ hahah cause I KNOW you love the little mermaid
    …but anyway I feel that these movies were made during certain eras in our countries progression and its just interesting to see how far we AS WOMEN have come. I loove disney but it also makes me sad to know these movies were made by white male pigs. (maybe thats not the turth but i bet it is) i mean wasn’t walt disney a racist?? i think he was.

  2. Nicole said,

    This is absolutely positvely the best posting yet!! LOOOOVVVEE IT!
    The Princess and the Frog is awesome. I am disappointed you havent seen it yet. xoxox miss you love bug

  3. LIV said,

    Ok so i love this post Gina, awesome.
    and i also LOVE disney movies… make some valid points. I saw the Princess and the Frog the other day.. i mean i only watched some if it because I was watching it with Logan and you know how that goes and the cable went out so i missed the last 30 mins…but anyway it was good..yano except for the slightly racist undertones. Maybe I was just extra-sensitive to it because i had just read your blog but the black girl was NOT the princess, she was just dressed like one because her (extremely wealthy) white bff let her borrow the outfit. At the beginning, Tiana and her mom were at Lotties house (the mom was babysitting the little girls) and then the rich daddy gets home and Tiana and her mom ride the bus (they sit in the back- just saying) to the other side of town to their tiny little house in their poor neighborhood.
    –Like i said, i didnt see the end of the movie so Tiana probably gets the prince and the restaurant that she wants, but her dad did tell her (before he died) that she needed to work hard to get what she wants

  4. kids love stuffed animal because they are very cute and soft to touch “

  5. Emmy said,

    this post brought up a very good conversation topic, but i don’t believe any of those statements (in the pictures above) made a legit point. The story of snow white wasn’t about physical beauty (and honestly i dont even think it has a background morale to it…) but the “Villian” is the character with an obsession with beauty, and is the only shallow character… which is why she’s defeated in the end. Sleeping beauty wasn’t sexual either, it was made to be quite innocent actually. Hence the prince never commented on her beauty, he ended up falling in love with her for her “personality” and the kiss thing was just meant to be sweet. He didnt want to marry into a pre-arranged marriage in the first place anyway, so the girl was not at all the only victim. Aladdin fell in love with Jasmine because of her personality as well, (though her appearance was the 1st thing that caught his eye, what guy doesn’t notice that kind of thing though?) Anywayyyy she fought for her rights as a person from the beginning which was meant to make a statement, not promote sexism. The little mermaid falling in love with prince eric at first glance was classic disney. But disney made her chracter extremely curious, defiant, and passionate, in order to lead up to her making the decision to change into a human (remember, it was pretty impulsive.). In the end she supposedly had made her decision on “love”. I think the most retarded statement of all was the one about belle. Gaston (again, the villian) was the only person who was somewhat sexist. But he was also portrayed as psycho toward the end. Anywayyyy, the girl wasn’t held back in any way considering the beast let belle go because she didnt want to stay. Lol. nor did her kiss save the day. She never kissed him until After he had turned into a prince. Once she said the words “i love you” he changed back. And uh… i have no arguing statement for cinderella. That was all based on her looks. xD

    • LV Abbott said,

      Cinderella- never said she wanted to marry the prince. She worked hard for the family she cared for and hoped that one day they would change. She didn’t realize she had meet the Prince tell the next day. And she never asked to change her life in the Disney Movie. just to and to the Authors stuff on Cinderella.

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  7. LV Abbott said,

    I’m love Disney Movies, with the Fairy Tale being the top. The times that they were made in play a big part on the character but not becuaes they were trying to put women down,but they were telling storys that people knew. Now a days they need the stronger Princess because for us that more in deft character to follow in a story that we think we know but is change so we get something different. Plus when you were a kid did you think that they were just after a title and money or did they find what we all want ture love?

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