September 10, 2010


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K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid. This infographic is simple, it makes life seem simple with not a lot of gray parts to deal with. We all know life is not simple (“nobody said it was easy,”) but maybe just knowing that and not fighting it so much is what we need to do. If we keep it simple we won’t stress about things we can’t control. We won’t overthink the why’s and how’s (“everything happens for a reason.”) We will make decisions simply because we know that whatever decision we make is what it is (“if it changes your life- let it.”) We will be nice to everyone, and we won’t let the other bring us down (“love the people who treat us right and forget about the ones who don’t.”)

KISS can be applied to anything: from scheduling to over-accessorizing. From analyzing dates gone wrong to ensuring the next date is better. What do you think about this concept? I’m not a fan of the “stupid” part, but I figure its just a way to make a good acronym, one that often has a positive motive.


My favorite part: “If you get a chance-take it. If it changes your life-let it.” That’s never an easy thing to do! Still, I think it can make life that much more beautiful.


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  1. Regina said,

    I like the last quote you mentioned but of course adding in the “and believe everything happens for a reason…” :]

    The situation I’m in right now is a big life changer and it’s insanely strange how calm I am about everything and just letting things happen. But your right, letting things happen isn’t easy but it truly does make life that more beautiful. It hasn’t been that long but I can already see how my perceptions on things are beginning to change. Good blog. That picture is a wonderful one.


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