July 9, 2010

CARE’s Annual Report

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Hi readers!

One of my favorite organizations and a topic of many previous posts, CARE, has recently published its 2009 Annual Report. This beautiful pdf (it really is a nice layout!) tells stories of individual women, overall goals, as well as financial statements and cash flow charts.

If you click on the picture you will be able to read that 75% of the worlds women cannot get bank loans, 64% of the worlds illiterates are women, 60% of the worlds poorest people are women and 55% of the worlds children out of school are girls.

Think of the times that you are most thankful to have a strong support system. I would imagine that it involves these three important steps in any women’s life: as a student, when pregnant and raising a baby, and when working to create lives for you and your family.

In my previous post I complain about work. What about the women who walk 8 hours a day to get water for their families? The women who cannot go to school or earn a living because there is no wages to simply stay alive. It says “Everyday we ask ourselves, how can we do our work better?” Take the time to ask yourself what you can do. These women may be across the world from us, but there are many around you that can be constantly helped. Women you know who have sick family members, multiple young children or cannot find a job. What can you do? Lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand?


Check out the entire Annual Report here!


  1. LIV said,


  2. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    Reminds me of my first visit to Butler when my mom gave me the “when I was a girl, my father didn’t believe in women going to college so I worked 40 hrs a week to put myself through night school andd…” for the 19th time.

    But very cool :]

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