June 17, 2010

No Woman, No Cry

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Hey readers,

Gina’s post about Midwives reminded me of an article I read on Jezebel recently about pregnant woman around the world, and the choices they make while pregnant. Supermodel Christy Turnlington Burn’s documentary, entitled No Woman, No Cry, is about her traveling around the world to better understand the lives of pregnant women and mothers. She was inspired to make the documentary after her own experience giving birth to her first child, Grace. Expecting for it to be a routine delivery, she instead found herself hemorrhaging on the table.

Burns was fortunate enough (like the majority of pregnant women in America) to have a full medical team there ready for any problem. But in other parts of the world this is not the case, and as the fact of the day on the website Every Mother Counts states, “An estimated 35% of pregnant women in developing countries do not have contact with health personnel prior to giving birth.”

500,000 woman each year die from childbirth, and 90% of those deaths are preventable. To find out more about how to get health care to all pregnant women across the globe, go to everymothercounts.org.


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  1. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    GREAT. As if I wasn’t scared to death of ever getting pregnant in the first place!

    JK. Nicely written Salerrrnn

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