June 15, 2010

A Song I Love Is…

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Hey everyone,

First, I want to apologize for the lack of new posts lately besides Sunday Wrap Up and Finish the Sentence. The past couple weeks have been so hectic for Gina and I, with finishing finals and moving back home for the summer that we dropped the ball. Sorry guys! I promise to post more often now that things have settled.

Now onto Finish the Sentence! Music has a way of influencing every person’s life, in a variety of ways. A certain CD can help you get through a difficult time in your life, or a favorite song can cheer you up instantly. For other people music is the center of their life, it being part of their job everyday or they are going to college to learn more about it. You can love this song for any reason, but tell us why! List multiple ones if you can’t pick! Are you obsessed with the lyrics, or maybe you just love the beat? Does it evoke unexpected emotions everytime you hear it playing, or take you back to a specific time in your life?

Let us know!


  1. Olivia said,

    Jess, you have to start posting this link to my wall more! 🙂

    Also, a favorite song of mine is “Free” by the Zac Brown Band. Its a new song, but I absolutely love it. The lyrics just remind me of what an amazing time of my life I’m having right now. They say this is the best time of our lives, and I agree that it is…so far anyway.


  2. Chris Yusko said,

    Olivia, I just went out to Itunes and got the song and now I love it too. You got really got great tast in music. From the help of my friends I found a music video of the song highway 20 ride.

    I would have to say Dave Matthews band and Pink Folyd. The Wall cd is like the all time best cd for Pink Floyd. I wish I had the money to go Pink Floyd do the the The Wall cd here in Columbus. I can remember being in my dads nova going down the highway listening to great rock music before they even called it classic rock.

  3. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    A song I love is “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, I’ve always wanted the lyrics as a tattoo somewhere. I love a lot of songs… I always cover my folders && notebooks with lyrics. Music is like a memory to me… it can help me forget or it can help me remember when I want to.

  4. Melissa Rangel said,

    music is a HUGE part of my life. not only am i an avid listener but i’ve also played for going on 11 years. when i hear a song, it usually reminds me of a certain person whether i was with that person when i listened to the song once or 40 times or the lyrics represent that person. “Yesterday” by the Beatles always reminds me of my friend Kurt because the song came on right after he had passed away. “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha reminds me of my friend Kyle. “Cutdown” by Matt and Kim reminds me of my friend Lauren. And this goes on forever with probably every friend.

    • Melissa Rangel said,

      yeah guess i really didn’t finish the sentence though. 🙂
      a song i love is Tigerlily by La Roux. go look it up! amazing.

  5. gina said,

    1970’s….all about Diana Ross and The Supremes & Todd Rundgren
    1980’s….Stevie Nicks
    1990’s….Stone Temple Pilots
    2000’s….Green Day & Michele Branch and the list goes on and on!
    xo Aunt Gina

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