June 10, 2010

My Workout Keeps Me…

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Hi loves!

Finish the Sentence Thursday! (Don’t worry, you’re right, it’s normally Tuesday) First, I want to apologize for our updates only being Sunday Wrap Up and Finish the Sentence, with finals and traveling to and from school and home, work and the last few weeks of school, our lives have been very hectic lately! I promise we will get back into the swing of things and update with more interesting articles/newsy things as well!

In the latest issue of SHAPE magazine I came across a short little quip that said “Finish this Sentence.” A study from the British Psychological Society said that if you finish the sentence with Happy instead of Healthy you may log more out of your workouts. In the study people who received daily texts that read “exercise makes you cheerful” worked out two more ours per week than those who received messages saying that physical activity is good for their bodies.

I thought this was an interesting study, as Happy and Healthy are both positive, beneficial reasons to work-out! Still, thinking about how good I’ll feel AFTER the run (or walk/jog/swim/anything!) does make it easier for me than just thinking “its good for me,” probably because lets face it, we don’t do a lot of things even though we know it’s good for us!

For now, how about we finish the sentence with our own words! My Workout Keeps Me… Sane! It makes me feel good (happy) and my body run right (healthy) and provides a little me time in my busy life! What about you?



  1. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    My workout keeps me from feeling like I’m out of shape? lol

  2. Olivia said,

    My workout keeps me…sweaty.

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