May 31, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

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Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! The weather is beautiful and if you feel anything like I have lately you needed this weekend! I hope you took some time to relax! 🙂

1. This blog, ColorMeKatie, by freelance photographer and street artist Katie Sokoler has so much feel-good art its sure to life your spirits! In one post she admits, “Many people in my family suffer from depression. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to become a photographer. I wanted to create colorful, positive, feel good images.” I think it works! And her style is so fun! For instance she painted her walls white so that she could continually change the background of her room with paper or paint etc. Another one of my favorites is her “thought bubble” work. Check it out!

2. This is a tumbler page that I stumbled upon via facebook (because I’m a big creeper) of my friend Erin’s work. She is in her second year at Columbus College of Art and Design and I am completely fascinated by her, and all the friends I have who followed their passion and went to an art school!! Fascinated and maybe a little bit jealous too 🙂

3. This is a little random (ok a lot random) but I thought it was appropriate, or at the very least funny. Recently my friend reintroduced me to my xanga (like an online diary similar to blogs.) I wrote on my xanga all through eighth grade and freshman year and the posts are often hilarious. One post I found while rereading my long lost online diary had this list, something I thought could be found at becauseiamawoman. It made me laugh to think that in many ways I haven’t changed much, despite all the years since.

“Obvious but overlooked things that life offers that make ME happy-
Optimists, Non-profit organizations, Constellations, Babies, Smiles!!, Music!!!!, Complements, Nature, Aromatherapy, Sleeeeeeep, Eating healthy, Swinging, Singing!!, Meditating, Trying new things, Waving to people, Laughing!

Some of the not so obvious things that life as to offer that makes me happy-
(Remember this is not obvious, usual things lol)

Sour patch kid, candy bars (homemade!), Silk bugs (they make silk and silk is awesome), Commercial jingles, Sparkles and colors, Smiles!!, Light, Breezes on hot days, Free Will, Emotions, Books, Dry-Erase boards, Flavored ice-cubes, Watermelon, Clouds in the shape of things, Very unique personalities, Tie-dyed things, Disney movies!!

This is just a short list. lol I had fun. and that made me happy also!! lol comment on what u think or if u have anything to add, remember I tried to steer clear of the obvious friends and family type thing because everyone knows that makes them happy.

-Tuesday July 26th 2005”

haha woooow. please excuse the use of the letter “u” in replace of the word “you,” I was 14!! haa Anyway feel free to add to either list! It’s fun and a sure way to get you thinking positively!

Remember to thank any veterans you know or love! My prayers go out to both my grandpas 🙂

Love, Gina


  1. Chris Yusko said,

    Oh my not Xanga, I had one a long time ago. I also had a myspace page. I never used them so I don’t know the password to them now. All I have time for is facebook right now. Thanks for puting up the link to Erins page. I really like her work. When I was in middle school I went down to CCAD and tried out with a lot of other people for free classes. Just thought if you like pencil drawing I got my work on my facebook page.

  2. Anita said,

    Was this maybe possibly about the same time we were making that giant angry list for Jensen? I think it was lmao. I still have that somewhere lol and I with that Thomas hadn’t erased it from the blackboard

    I miss those days

  3. hahaha Jensens angry list. I guess if you wrote it all down and then ripped it up or did it to get it out it would help…otherwise its not very positive!! hahaa

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