May 23, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:35 pm by Gina

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend was great, I wish it could have been sunny Friday and Saturday, but at least today is beautiful! Let the Sunday Wrap Up begin:

1. 10 Things Scientists Say Will Make You Happy is helpful information about how to, well, be happier! Sent to me by my blog partner, Gina, one of the happiest people I know, this is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

2. This is an article about a nun that was excommunicated by the Catholic Church because she suggested abortion to a pregnant woman who had a strong possibility of death if she gave birth. This is a such a controversial topic, opinions?

3. I gave a persuasive speech in my public speaking class this week on why everyone should watch the World Cup, so I thought I would mention it here as well! Watch though, seriously. It’s amazing.

4. Sex and the City 2 comes out this Friday, and I AM SO EXCITED! I never really watched the series on television (I was a little too young for some of the subjects), but I absolutely loved the first one and I can’t wait to see the sequel.

Have a good week!



  1. Meredith Schlabig said,

    1. is there any way i can purchase that happiness poster? I will be hanging it up in my room so i can remember how to remain happy under terrible amounts of stress…and to more importantly, be like gina.

    2. that nun story was very controversial! I understand why that abortion is neccessary, and a very understandable option for that woman’s situation. I believe that every situation regarding abortion is different and each woman is different and needs to do what they believe is best for them. Could I personally get an abortion? I don’t think so.

    3. Sorry Salerno, I will probably not watch the world cup. Never was a soccer fan unless watching, listening or supporting you in high school 🙂


    That is all from me loves 🙂


  2. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    SEX & THE CITY 2 ❤ YEAS.

  3. Chris Yusko said,

    The word happy made me think of a song called Happiness by David Benoit.

    Used to have a nun in the family, made it really hard to talk about stuff like abortion. I never thought a nun could get kicked out for helping that lady out with good advice. My dad was taught by a nun was he was in school and was hit so would write with his right hand. I see that the church is never perfect and is always changing for the better.

    Soccer is ver cool in Columbus right now with the Crew. I used to play soccer when I was young. I never thought that big till Columbus got the Crew that I started liking soccer again.

    Now this Sex in the City 2 movie looks like a great date movie. I like that it is not in a US city like so many other date movies.

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