May 18, 2010

I Feel Beautiful When…

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Ciao everyone!

This “Finish The Sentence Tuesday” is a hard one for me, so I figured it was perfect! Sometimes forcing yourself it’s necessary and beneficial to think about things like this and to confront yourself with something positive instead of negative. I don’t know what makes me feel beautiful when asked right away, as I’m sure many of you don’t- but give it a try!

I feel beautiful when…
1. I’m not thinking about my body at all, and just enjoying the moment for once
2. I’m laying with the person I love
3. I’m doing something I know I’m good at.
4. When I’m smiling!!

This list is certainly not all-inclusive, but they were some instances I thought of that I tried to have the guts to share! So let me hear you! Even if you don’t want to comment and share, I encourage you to think of the moments when you feel most beautiful, because like I said, its important to realize that and to realize that you ARE beautiful! Love you!


p.s. For those of you who are new or just for a general recap: “Finish The Sentence Tuesday” is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll choose a sentence and we wanna hear your ending! As always, if you have an idea/sentence/anything- comment! let us know and we will probably use it for a Tuesday! Thanks!


  1. Regina said,

    First off I wold have to agree with your listings. Those definitely are all times when I feel beautiful.

    I feel beautiful when I try anything new. It can be the most random stuff, like trying new ways to wear my hair or makeup or trying something new that normally I would never try. I feel very beautiful when I dress professionally. I feel less of a college student and more as a young lady (something I never thought I would actually enjoy). A time that I feel beautiful is when I’m wearing no makeup. Now, this occurrence is extremely rare, but sometimes I feel real without all my makeup, which makes me feel more beautiful. I strive to be the realest, most down the earth person I can be, so when I’m not hiding what I really look like, I feel more beautiful. I must repeat though, this is a very rare confidence.

    That’s what I could think of the top of my head :]

  2. Katie said,

    This is a great post. It is nice to think about the positives instead of the negatives. The above listings at also times i feel beautiful. So i will give it a try…
    I feel beautiful when…
    ~ I make others smile.
    ~ I’ve had an awesome workout.
    ~ When I am helping people.
    ~ When I think about my life and all the thing I have been fortunate enough to have done and will do.
    ~ When my husband tells me I’m beautiful when I’m just a t-shirt, shorts and no makeup. It is very refreshing.

    I enjoyed this post! I look forward to more.

  3. LIV said,

    1)It might sound weird, but I feel beautiful when I’m wearing sweat pants, eating pizza, and watching funny movies.
    2) when my hair is down and I have no makeup on. (just like Regina said :))
    3) I feel the most beautiful when I am being myself and completely relaxed and confident.
    4) when I’m with someone I care about, and he’s looking at my eyes, not at other women in the room
    5) when I’m being completely open and honest about how I feel, when I accept myself for who I am and tell myself I’m beautiful, and forget about my flaws
    6) when I’m surrounded by the beautiful women I call my best friends.

  4. Katie A said,

    I just want to start by saying that everyone’s so far are AMAZING! After reading them I was a little intimidated about posting my own but I’ll give it a shot…
    I feel most beautiful when:
    1. I know that I am taking good care of my body (like after working out or eating healthy).
    2. I try to stop criticizing every little thing about myself (both inside and out) and just accept who I am.
    3. I play my guitar and/or sing. This is my “happy place” and when I am most at peace.
    4. I am with my family or a close group of friends. This is where I know I can truly be myself and am not afraid of any judgments I will receive.

  5. Chris Yusko said,

    What to say? Hmm. When does a guy use the word beautiful? I only use the word to my ex gf.

    I feel beautiful when…
    My friends don’t care what I wear when I go out to have fun.

  6. Tina said,

    I feel beautiful when….

    1. After I workout and am motivated to make postive strides in life.
    2. When I’m around friends and family; throughly enjoying myself.
    3. When I’m out and my boyfriend comes by and hugs me or gives me a slight kiss to reassure me.
    4. When I get done up to have a night out (dinner, movie, dancing, etc.)
    5. When I do other peoples make-up and they love it.
    6. When I’m dedicating a day of my time to a local soroptimist organization!

  7. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    I feel beautiful when…
    1) I come back from a run outside & I let my hair down (weird?)
    2) I’m playing with kids
    3) I have perfectly painted toenails & heels on
    4) I dance
    5) someone tells me something important or secret that’s hard for them, when they trust me that much

  8. Maria Gallagher said,

    umm I really like this post. I was actually just thinking about this and what I can do to feel beautiful more often and I’m starting with an ode to my body.
    but to finish the sentence, I feel beautiful when..
    1. I wear my hair down
    2. I work out and take steps to better my body
    3. I’m with my friends because they make me realize how amazing my life is.
    4. I feel free and am living in the moment.
    5. I’m helping others

    It’s cool to realize how each of us have similar things that make us feel beautiful. Something to think about when your around other women and how easy it can be to make other’s feel more beautiful about themselves because we all know somethings we need some help with this.

  9. JenSEN. said,

    i feel BEAUTIFUL when
    -im with my best friends
    -im driving around in sunglasses
    -when i go out with the ladies
    -when you know you can wear sweatpants and put your hair up
    -when i smile 🙂

    ps you all are beautiful

  10. Julie Mussio said,

    One good thing about my age is I always feel beautiful!

  11. Jeanne Root said,

    If only I had a dime for each time I came here… Great read!

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