May 3, 2010

Sunday Wrap-up!

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Hi loves,

I’ve decided to add another weekly theme post. yay! Too often throughout the week I come across countless inspiring/interesting/positive stories that do not get posted either because they are not particularly for or about women, or because they are not big enough to merit an entire entry. My answer to this? Sunday Wrap-ups! Every Sunday I will post links of articles or pictures or anything that I feel needs to be shared! I’ll give a brief summary of them and you can click and choose at your own will!

So here goes:

1. This post from my favorite blog site, Superforest, takes a little bit to get to the main story of Kevin Hines and his amazing second chance but the point made in the beginning is worth paying attention to. Often when we think of a happy life or an inspirational story, we mistake that to mean that every moment has to be happy and positive, when we all know this is not the case. Life has its ups and downs and in the words of the author, “it is important to remember that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from the moments of deepest despair.”

2. Time magazines “A brief history of cougars” is a fun photo essay about women over 40 who are interested in younger men. This link just has 17 pictures and is a great way to destress a little! Catherine the Great’s lover was 40 years younger!! Who wouldn’t want to know that? haha

3. Ok ok, its an article I wrote. BUT not only was it written by a woman (me) it is ABOUT a remarkable woman, Dr. Mary Anne Flournoy. The article definitely isn’t without its flaws, but focus on the life of Dr. Flournoy, as she truly has contributed in nearly every justice issue we face. Whether it was discrimination, politics, poverty, or the environment, she has been an activist for it. Cross your fingers that we will have a blog post learning more about this amazing woman, particularly with her work for women in politics!

Thats all for now! Have an AMAZING week loves!



  1. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    I just got home from the Paramore concert && I’m in cbus for the SUMMER :] Life is good.

    Nicely written article on Dr. Flournoy, chic.

    ❤ you.

  2. JenSEN. said,

    sunday wrap up sounds like a delicious sub or something i want to eat 🙂 but it also works well here

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