April 27, 2010

Three Blessings I Have In My Life Are…

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Hi all!

Wow, first let me say I’m sorry it has been an entire week since our last update, I promise that won’t happen again (anytime soon at least.) Anywho we are back to finish the sentence Tuesday and I would love to hear from all of you again! and your friends!

Today it is rainy and dreary and only a Tuesday. I didn’t get much sleep and I have a lot to do. In response to this I think its time to remember our blessings, the good things we have in our lives and the reason they are good. While it won’t make the rain go away, perhaps it will clear the junk out of my mind and at the very least remind me of something positive, something sunshine-y 🙂

I’m going to make just one stipulation- no putting “family, friends, my health.” BORING! We are ALL thankful for our family and friends and health (and various other “duh” blessings) so I challenge you to think of something a little different, make it specific if it’s about these things, tell a little story, contemplate for longer than the normal three seconds. I’m sure it will be good!

So here goes,

Three blessings I have in my life are…

1) Ohio University:
I know that many students struggle with their first year of college. Sometimes they don’t fit with the school and often they don’t know what they want to study- it’s a big decision for a 17/18 year old, and not an easy one. That’s why I feel completely blessed when I’m reminded over and over again that OU is the right school for me. This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been problems, stress, or other issues, what it does mean is that Fall, Winter, and now Spring I have found myself walking down the streets of Athens and realizing that I love it here, problems, stress, issues and all.

2) Open-minded parents:
This might seem like a weird one, but I guarantee you my mother understands. I am like my mom in a whole lot of ways- a “free” personality being one of them. In the past few years I have scared them by almost choosing a school in New York City, taking a flight to Ghana by myself and telling my mother I would be teaching English as a second language soon. I signed up to study abroad in Italy and I’ve thrown numerous parties at my house while they are away. What I’m saying is, I know that sometimes I dream big, and I am blessed that I have parents who not only are getting used to it, but are supporting me as well. I think everyone can understand, whether you have it or not, a parents support makes a difference.

3) Internet:
Sweet, sweet internet. I use the internet daily, 5 million times a day probably. I stay connected with my friends and family (thank God!) I read blogs, I update blogs, I do my homework, I check the weather, I read the news. While I am always an advocate of going outside, being active, doing something that doesn’t involve technology, I also am constantly amazed at the numerous positive things the internet can help one accomplish. It can start movements, change elections, share ideas. It can serve as a link for every internet-accessing person on this earth. I don’t watch T.V. anymore at all (really, the last thing I watched was the Cavs game and I had to use a friends T.V.) and I can’t say I’m upset about that. I am blessed to have internet connection to seek out positive media messages instead!

These are three blessings that I have in my life right now. Obviously I have many, many more, including my friends, my dad, sister and nephew, my health, my strikingly good looks (hahahah just kidding!) But for now ima focus on these three!

Have a blessed day!


  1. JENSEN. said,

    you forgot wendys and best friends, but besides that i love it. the sweet, sweet internet is the only thing that keeps us together!! (besides phones, but those are so old fashioned now)

  2. LIV said,


    Three Blessings I have in my life are..

    1) I know you said that we’re not supposed to put family, but what can i say, i like to break the rules. I talked to my sister on the phone yesterday and I realized how thankful I am that we’re so close. I can tell her anything in the world and I know she thinks I’m a little wacked but she doesn’t judge me for it.

    2) I’m thankful for naps. Seriously, I wouldn’t get anywhere without my mid-morning nap.

    3) Sorry Gina, but i’m gonna copy you and say OHIO UNIVERSITY!<3 Not one day goes by when I don't think of how much I love it here. I love that its not as big as ohio state but it's still big enough so I don't get sick of everything. I love that I can pee by a major street and a million cars don't see me. I love that I'm far enough away from home so that I don't have to deal with everyone..but that I'm close enough to go back whenever I want. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I can't think of anywhere I'd want to be while I'm figuring it all out.

  3. Rachel said,

    1.) My instructors. They know what they’re doing and help you to learn how to do it. I have improved so much this almost passed first year of college. I feel confident in my work and know that even though I can do better, I still have accomplished alot. Thank you.
    2.) My art supplies. They have taken so much money out of me, but I use them everyday. They help me to express myself and do really boring foundation art. They are my teammates. (ok it’s a little dorky.)
    3.) My couch. Whether it’s crashing into the cushion-y embrace after a long day, or just sitting on it and thinking, my couch is always there to comfort my gluteus. If I could I would spend all of my free time reading while sitting on the magnificant couch.

  4. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    I was just trying to think of things like this the other day to cheer me up on finals week…

    1. Days when the sun doesn’t go down till after 8pm
    2. When the wind ruffles the grass and makes it look like ocean waves
    3. The people who work in the cafeteria… they’re broke, some have mental and physical disabilities, and they work every day from sun up to sun down for bratty private college kids, and sometimes they’re still the only people who ask me how my day is going and actually wait for a response
    4. When my roommate has her boy band obsession days & all we do all day is listen to N’Sync & Backstreet Boys, etc..
    5. Skype.. sweet sweet Skype.. lets me talk to stupid boys in Germany as well as girls who are 3 doors down the hall

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