April 7, 2010

What Do You Think?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:44 pm by Gina

Hey everyone!

We have had so much fun updating this blog and reading your comments! Now we want to know your thoughts/feelings/comments on how we are doing so far. This is a post for you! What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you want to see more of? We want to know how we can make becauseiamawoman even better!

Thank you for following us so far, we appreciate it so much and we love you!
Jess and Gina!


  1. Liv said,

    you guys are too cute. i LOVE 🙂 your blog and think yins are doing wonderful. i would like to see more posts about issues that college women are going through, to me, those are the most interesting to me.

    love you,

  2. Chris Yusko said,

    I had thought of a get idea for something you ladies can do. I was thinking if you two had the time you could give a try and do a video blog. You can put the video up on YouTube and link it here. You could talk to college women the hot topics for women or go out and find realy life stories about out going women giving back younger girl are going up looking for a role model.

    Those pictures of both of you can’t be said by words but by this cool flower if it comes out ok.

    “M, .mM”
    IMIm ,mIM”
    “IMmm, ,IM::::IM::IM, ,m”
    “IMMIMMIMm::IM:::::IM””==mm ,mIM”
    __ ,mIM::::::MIM:::::::IM::::mIMIM”
    IM::::::::IM:::::::IM::::mIMIMM””””. .. “IMMMM
    “IM::::::::IM::::::mIMIMM””. . . . . .,mM” “M
    IMm:::::::IM::::IIMM” . . . . . ..,mMM”
    “IMMIMIMMIMM::IMM” . . . ._.,mMMMMM”
    ,IM”. . .”IMIM”. . . .,mMMMMMMMM”
    ,IM . . . .,IMM”. . . ,mMMMMMMMMM”
    IM. . . .,mIIMM,. . ..mMMMMMMMMMM”
    “” “IMMMMM
    IMM, ______ __
    ______ “IMM__ .mIMMIMMIMMIMMIMM,
    .,mIMMIMMIMM, ,mIMM, IMM””” ,mIM”. . . . “IM,..M,
    ,IMMM’ . . . “IMM.\ “M, IMM ,IM”. . . . / :;IM \ M,
    .mIM’ . . . / .:”IM.\ MM “MM, ,M”. . . / .;mIMIMIM,\ M
    ,IM’. . . / . .:;,IMIMIMMM IMM ,M”. . / .:mIM”‘ “IM,:M
    ,IM’. . . / . .:;,mIM” `”IMM IMM IM. . / .mM” “IMI
    ,IM . . / . .:;,mIM” “IMMMMM MM,. / ,mM “M’
    IM’. . / . .;,mIM” “IIMMM ,IMIM,.,IM”
    IM . . / . .,mIM” IMMMMMMM’ “””
    `IM,. / ;,mIM” IIMMM
    “IMI, /,mIM” __IMMM
    “IMMMM” “””IMM
    “” IMM


    • Gina said,

      Chris!! Thank you for the comment, you were one of the only ones who actually gave us a constructive comment. Although Jess and I are by NO means broadcast journalists, we have thought about doing a “video on campus” type of thing so thanks for the motivation!

      p.s. idk how you did the flower, but I consider it art. thank you

  3. Meredith Schlabig said,

    Gina and Salerno,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I actually do read it regularly and enjoy the stories and issues you guys write about. My favorite was the Taylor Swift/Scarlet Letter story because I was with Salerno discussing it one day…so I take credit for that blog haha 🙂
    No but seriously, this blog was really interesting. I really enjoyed reading the various topics, and related to them why? Because I am a Woman 🙂 Haha
    I love you two very much…keep up the good work! I would love if you guys continued the blog for a long time!

  4. gina peart said,

    Oh my gosh, can you girls be any darn cuter!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the photo’s, love the blog. Keep up the good work! xo Aunt Gina

  5. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    Hey Girl, Hey!

    I love the blog. It’s in my bookmark tabs & I check it all the time for new posts. My favorite entry was probably the 10 things I’d love to tell my younger self list. I really connected with what that short list had to say & like I said before, making my own was a great eye opener. It taught me a lot about my self image and the way I see myself vs. how everyone else sees me. I enjoy getting tips on new articles & good books to read – I’m still stuck at the beginning because I have FOUR papers due by Tuesday, death. But you know that I’m always your biggest fan & constructive critic :]

    Suggestion – do an interview? I would’ve loved to hear a little bit from Patricia Davis or Courtney Martin, even just a quick audio interview would be really cool.

    Cute pictures, that yellow dress is always my favy… you’ve really grown into yourself, but the braces & glasses & awkward bangs phase will always be our glory days :]

  6. Chris Yusko said,

    The flower was a rose but wordpress didn’t put in the spaces correct. It is ascii art. It is so hard for me to say what I want so I use art to say what I mean. People tell me great minds think a like. I think that people come together for a reason. I never thought that I would be here commenting on this blog. Both of you have really showed me that you can really spark up a talk about problems that most poeple don’t want to talk about in a womans life.

  7. Julie Mussio said,

    I love the pictures and the blog. Keep up the good work. Love, Mom Mussio

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