March 24, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 3:22 pm by Gina

Hey everyone,
Alright, so maybe the website I’m talking about won’t change your life, but it will definitely give you a lot more to think about concerning pretty much everything women-related. Jezebel, a site I have mentioned in almost every one of my posts on here, is amazing.
If you normally don’t go to the link in an article because you assume that the article tells you everything there is to know, I strongly encourage you to click on the links and find out more. For Jezebel, it’s well worth it. They post around 30-50 items a day covering issues everywhere in the world, all articles that somehow impact women’s lives. Their posts range from funny to serious to thoughtful to everything in between, so don’t feel as if you won’t find an article that interests you.
Here are some of the stories that have already been posted on Jezebel today:
Environmentalists, Teens Mourn the Loss of Outdoor Sex Spot
Latest In Unrealistic Exercise Recommendations: A Full Hour Everyday
Judge Acknowledges Discrimination, But Won’t Reinstate Prom

Put Jezebel in your bookmarks to remind you to visit everyday, or just check back here for more posts and click on the link. It’s an awesome site, please check it out!


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