March 18, 2010

Lonely Glasses!

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Hi all!

Well, finals week is nearly over, thank goodness!! And in my brain-is-fried, just-want-to-be-home, procrastinating state of mind I stumbled over something pleasant and unique! They are “lonely glasses” from Jess Atkinson, a designer based in Toronto, Canada.

In the words of the designer they are, “a pair of non-prescription glasses that function as an anti-lonely device, giving the user the feeling of being surrounded by people when worn.”

I love the simplicity and goofiness! Anytime you’re feeling lonely just put them on and your loved ones will surround you 🙂

Have you ever stumbled across anything that is simply “feel good” stuff? We would love it if you shared!! Websites, stories, random-everyday things, anything! My personal list includes picture texts of my nephew, finding great new music, chocolate milk and pennies on heads, among others.

Here’s to finding joy in the little things!



  1. Chris Yusko said,

    I have stumbled over some great music. It is not your normal rock or pop music everyone talks but a great new age music artist. Kevin Kern does some of the most calming piano music I ever heard. When I am drawing, I use his music to keep me calm. People spend to much time running around to sit down relax to something that makes them feel good.

  2. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    Ha. I love the glasses… I can definitely see you studying outside with your very own pair, Gina :]

    Also, if you like piano or symphonic rock music to spark your creativity, you should check out some of Apocalyptica’s less mainstream, they’re really good.

  3. Chris Yusko said,

    Thanks for the artist, I have heard of them a long time ago but never remembered to look them up. You got me thinking of music and all of the cool ways people take like a cello and amp it up with a guitar amp. Martin Tilman is one for u to try.

  4. Gina said,

    Chris, I looked up Kevin Kern- I can understand why you like to draw with his music on! It seems perfect for activities such as that. Piano has a way of doing that I think. Glad you guys can share some music 🙂 Chris, if you like music manipulation you should look into Imogen Heap. I know she’s not new, but many people don’t look past her “Hide and Seek” song, and she has many good ones!

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