February 26, 2010

How Colleges Fail Assault Victims

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Hey everyone!
So I know I posted about rape and the issue of responsibility a few days ago, but while I was on Jezebel (I love this website so much and you should too! I will be posting all about Jezebel here shortly) today I saw an article discussing college sexual assault. You all HAVE to read the article and I’ve posted the video here, but it went more in depth about what happens after a student is sexually assaulted. Did you know that 95% of college rape victims never report the crime? Very scary to think about. What’s frustrating is that the 5% of girls that do end up reporting the rape often have to deal with the university’s complete lack of help or support in punishing their attackers.

College students are weighing in on how to best deal with the student rapes, including a student quoted in the article from Ohio University’s The Post.

I realize that a lot of people hook up when they’re drunk, but it’s important to remember that when alcohol is involved, consent goes out the window. If you’re putting these women under false ideas that you have a sincere interest in them and that’s what they’re looking for, you could end up in quite a bit of trouble.
It’s sad but true: Some girls don’t handle being lied to/taken advantage of very well, and some will even throw out the “R” word (yes, rape) when you don’t hold up your end of the deal. Please understand, not all women behave this way and some women really are victims of rape, but there are other women who will abuse the term. Why take the risk?

How do you think colleges should handle sexual assault crimes?


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