February 23, 2010

“She Knew What Would Happen If She Started Drinking”

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Hello all,

Chances are you’ve seen her at every party. She is slurring her words, eyes half-open, and falling all over the place. If she is lucky, she has her watchful friends there to take care of her, make sure she gets home safely. There is a girl like this at almost every party, and for most people her antics are just amusing behavior.

But this girl doesn’t always have friends to watch over her, and she doesn’t always make it home safely.
On Jezebel this week is an article about a Princeton student who wrote an opinion piece on why being taken advantage of while inebriated is the girl’s fault. The student argues that if a girl purposefully drinks copious amounts of alcohol, she should take responsibility for the actions that follow. I definitely think you should read the Jezebel article here to get more details and also hear what other people had to say about the student’s opinion.
The opinion I REALLY want to hear is yours (especially you college girls!) and the amount of responsibility a person should take for their actions when they intend to get trashed.

Almost halfway through the week!



  1. Liv said,


    I’ve seen this girl, I’ve taken care of this girl, I may have even been this girl before. Luckily I have amazing friends who make sure I make it home. Just because girls choose to drink copious amounts of alcohol and have a good time with her friends does not mean that she is just “asking for it”.
    To say that a girl who likes to drink too much is responsible for being taken advantage of by a stranger is like saying you’re asking to get bit by a shark if you swim in the ocean.
    If you go out with the intent to get hammered, you should take full responsibility if you throw up, fall down, or humiliate yourself in some other way. In no circumstance do I think that you should be held accountable for someone else taking advantage of your far from sober mindset.

    Keep up the good work girl:)

  2. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    Oh lordy, have I been “that girl” one too many times…

    However, I think that drinking in college is somewhat of a learning experience and most people, some sooner than others, get over it. I think that drinking just to get drunk eventually fades out and once you’ve learned your limit, you can learn not to surpass it. Personally, I would have to agree with Liv’s post in saying that humiliation is the drinker’s responsibility, but sexual assault or getting taken advantage of is not. Quite frankly, I think it’s sad that this issue has become such a big problem on campuses and in society in general today. But the one thing I’m sure of is that, bottom line, crime is never the victims fault.

  3. regina said,

    I have been that girl before, but I’m definitely the “mom” when it comes to drunk slobs, no matter how inebriated I am.
    I have to agree with both Liv and Amanda. Of course you do stupid things when you’re drunk, it’s kind of the point…in a sense. I mean many people do things they wouldn’t do when they’re drunk, or in other terms, unleash their wild side. That’s always so fun. Sometimes it can get out of hand and if a girl sleeps or makes out with someone they normally wouldn’t if they were sober, that is their full responsibility. In any case, whether it’s how “slutty” a girl dressed or how drunk she got, it is never the victim’s fault if she was sexually assaulted. I am huge on taking responsibility for actions, but it is never her fault if she was taken advantage of.

  4. Nicole said,

    Legally if a person (male or female) has intercourse with someone who is intoxicated it is considered rape. (The theory being that the intoxicated person does not have the capability to make an informed decision.) I am interested in knowing what the law says about sexual intercourse when both parties are drunk. Two friends of mine slept together (both tanked); the next day one accused the other of rape. I wonder how that plays out in the eyes of the law? Did they rape each other?

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