February 18, 2010

“I follow lyrics”…BHM Part Two!

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Part 2 of my Black History Month tribute= VIDEOS!!

Three powerful singers, leaders and career women!

You all know her, the “Queen of Soul” and multiple Grammy Winner-Aretha Franklin! You may have seen her more recently celebrating the Inauguration of President Obama last year:


This artist may not be as popular as the other two, but her amazing voice and insightful lyrics have always made me pay attention. This song not only reminds us of all the things we do for “beauty,” but also the quest to find our individual beauty and own it- all from a black woman’s perspective. As women we know that something as “simple” as your hair is not simple at all- I think this song shows that! 🙂

I Am Not My Hair

You might remember Arie’s particular haircut around the production of this song:

BEYONCE!! Of course ladies, I mean come on, how could I not put a video of Beyonce here? She is the most powerful black female singer of our generation…or at least I think so.


This song is the perfect girl anthem. For yourself, for your family, for the man in your life, whoever! Remember to follow YOUR dreams. “Listen to the song here in my heart/ A melody I start but I will complete”

So listen to the songs, take in the message, dance in your room (or office, it can be done!) and Happy BHM!
~Gina Marie

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  1. jensen said,

    so, um, 3 of my favorite songs in the world. I am not my hair changed my life, I love india arie and it makes me so happy you used that song. I ❤ you, and beyonce.

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