February 9, 2010

T. Swift=Feminist Nightmare?

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:43 am by Gina

Hello everyone!
So I know you have an opinion-Taylor Swift. Love her or hate her? Or maybe somewhere in the middle? She always seems to be in the news, and today I read an article on Jezebel (I’m obsessed with this website) about how Taylor Swift represents the virginal, pure, delicate stereotype of a woman who “knows her place” and can only find any inspiration for her songs through the male gender. She is, the writer declares, “A feminist’s nightmare.”
I should point out though that it’s not actually Swift “the person” that the writer has a problem with, but Swift “the product.” The article argues that Swift winning countless awards for her “musical genius” is our society’s way of celebrating this stereotype, and ignoring more diverse and strong women, such as Lady GaGa or Beyonce. You can read more on Taylor Swift and her effect on the young women of society here.
But honestly, what do you all think? Is Taylor Swift’s music really a form of a repressed feminine ideal, or is she just a 20-year-old girl that likes to sing about guys?

Stay warm!


  1. she is a nightmare. Her stupid butterfingers dropped Lady Gaga’s Award.

  2. gina peart said,

    I just can not get into her music. It all seems bubblegum- ish and whiny to me. As a woman in her 50’s her lyrics seem juvenile. Feminist’s Nightmare? Never thought about it that way…tho i have wondered why she/the product bugs me so much and perhaps that is the reason!

  3. Anita said,

    i agree, she is ridiculous. she has no depth. she sounds like she is still in high school, or middle school even. i think that the reason she sings about boys is because she has never had to work for anything else. boys are the only conflict she has ever had. when i was working backstage at country concert, one of the older stage guys said that her dad basically bought her an audition. granted she had enough talent to get a deal, but she didnt have to work her way to the top, and thats why she seems so juvenile.

  4. Anne said,

    I disagree completely. I think that Taylor is a rolemodel for younger girls. She is not one of those teens who gets sucked into the hollywood night life and changes who she is completely. She is incredibly successful and popular as an artist because her music is relatable to young girls and she has managed to stay true to herself and not fall apart with drugs alcohol and scandals. She is in fact the opposite of a feminist’s nightmare. Look at all that Taylor has accomplished… countless awards, world tours, platinum albums… I wouldn’t say she’s the type of girl sitting around feeling subordinate to a man. She had a passion for music as a young girl and used her talent to go after her dream. Everyone has their own opinion and musical taste, and I by no means am saying everyone should love Taylor Swift songs, but saying that she is a feminist’s nightmare is ridiculous. Taylor is growing up now and I think it will be interesting to see how her songs mature with her.

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