January 28, 2010

Dove Real Beauty

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Hi Ladies!

The picture that went along with Jessica’s post on the Dove Real Beauty campaign and plus size models really struck me. She was BEAUTIFUL and weirdly labeled as “big.” I searched some Dove videos and loved them.


This one particularly stuck with me because it made me realize/remember how early our image of ourselves becomes affected. I had forgotten that when I was that young I used to worry about certain physical aspects of myself and wish they were different. How Silly!! I hadn’t even hit puberty yet, and Lord knows thats when the real tough times come! haha These children should never have to think of things like that yet with the barrage of media that everyone takes in, it makes sense.


When I started watching this video I was almost bored. “What’s the point,” I thought. Then they pulled out the Photoshop and I was genuinely shocked! That woman’s image was completely manipulated- I didn’t even know they could make necks longer! It was a stark reminder of the truth behind a lot of our media.

Even if you didn’t want to hear my super- corny explanations of my choices, I hope you enjoyed the videos. I hope you watch them and it reminds you to love yourself!


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  1. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    Yikes.. that second video! I have no words.

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