January 26, 2010

Plus Size Fashion

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Hey everyone,
If you have ever read a fashion magazine, you have probably noticed the plethora of perfectly perfect models that appear smiling back at you on every page. This can be kind of frustrating to look at month after month, issue after issue, especially if you aren’t feeling perfectly perfect yourself. That’s why I find it so refreshing to see (for the hope of not sounding too cliche) REAL women in the pages of magazines, who have flaws, and are all the more beautiful for them.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the Dove Real Beauty campaign, which I personally loved. Embracing women for themselves is always inspiring. Today I saw this article on jezebel.com about the status of plus-size fashion debate, and found it both exciting and depressing. It goes more in depth in the article, but what I was glad to hear was the fact that more people are starting to take notice of plus-size models in the high fashion industry, notoriously know for it’s stick-thin standards of beauty. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and if any of you hear more news about this, please let us know!
Have a good week!


  1. gina peart said,

    Jess, just read article today…”Tyra Banks Plus Size Teen Model Search”. Could it be that main stream media is finally getting on board?

    • Jessica Salerno said,

      Definitely! I think having beautiful plus size role models is key for the media to begin to accept that you don’t need to be six feet tall and a size zero to be gorgeous. Hopefully once there are more positive public figures representing plus size girls, they will receive more attention from the media.

  2. […] picture that went along with Jessica’s post on the Dove Real Beauty campaign and plus size models really struck me. She was BEAUTIFUL and […]

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