January 13, 2010

Kseniya’s Talent. What’s Yours?

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Saw this video on another super blog and ended up watching all 8 minutes of it! Couldn’t help but admire Kseniya Simonova, the winner of ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent,’ and the amazing images she creates out of sand.

Makes me think, everyone has their thing. That one thing that you are good at, that no one else can do, that you do better. That thing that is quirky, positive, or just enjoyable to you. What is yours? Mine has changed over the years, first reading then swimming and now it’s…I don’t know what. I would love it if my thing was being optimistic, motivated, or what I’d like to think- making people laugh. What I CAN do is bend my pointer finger enough to touch the nail of that finger to the back of my hand… you?

To each his own,



  1. thebangstore said,

    How extraordinary, thanks for sending it. Please tell me how I might access it, and put it on my blog, as you’ve done yours. As for your talent, you have amazed me. As for mine, like you, to be optimistic, to motivate, to read, read, read; and write. I will send you a poem.

    I thought I saw her picture in trick photography,
    Smiling through a looking glass I could barely see
    She rose in bright renewal at today’s conspiracy
    And took my dare, or should I say, my small entreat to share
    And sent her prose in poetry appropriate to care

    So I have this to harbor, the thought I’ve stirred a dream
    To wake in future tenses filled with shared esteem
    For she came out of sleeping with a smile I’ve not yet seen
    Except across that photograph through its enchanting two way mirror
    Requiring I return the glance, in this poem meant for her

    So now I stumble in wry locution to pen a simple verse
    To tell her she has charmed my day to which I’m not adverse
    And thank her/you for the chance you proffer me to reimburse
    For this is how my story tells, and this is dream as well
    That in the fête of your return I favorably, humbly, bow.

    Alas, I stumble with my blog, every day I start over. Perhaps I should stick to the abacus.


    • Michael,

      What a beautiful poem!! I tried to look it up but couldn’t find anything, I’m assuming now that you wrote it. How fabulous!!

      If you mean videos, there is a little button right by the “upload/insert” when you are writing a new post. It is the second on and if you let your mouse rest there it will say “video” click on it, then copy and paste the link in the tab that says “from URL” it will embed it right onto your blog easy-peasy!


      • thebangstore said,

        Thank you Gina,
        Don’t know which poem you read but they are mine, so, ah, shucks…

        I am trying to find a publisher for my books and poetry, thus, face book, and now, blog. I am a better writer than entrepreneur. Happen to know a good publisher?
        Oh yes, now I see, well, rather tongue in cheek. You may read a few more at my blog if you like; if I could tell you how to get there. It is named “thebangstore” Please let me know if you are able to access it. Thanks,
        MIchaelB. 🙂

      • thebangstore said,

        You might try: In Rescuing Desperate Demarche. If you get through that, I’ll send you some more.

  2. Amanda Gabrielle said,

    That was something I’ve never seen before… I’m amazed. As for my talent – I supposed I still have some ballerina left in me & I always have that weird clover tongue thing… & my funky elbows? Ha.

    Miss you, Love you.

  3. Moose said,

    I can bend my pointer finger like that too, Gina! Small world.anywho, like the blog… Keep up the good work ladies!

  4. Life Penned said,


    I think you’re right on. Moreover, I think if everyone doesn’t have their thing, they should find it, because, in my opinion, it is part of personal growth, and personal growth is an indispensable part of happiness.

    I especially like how you end this particular excerpt with “…you?” Sounds familiar!


    • Thank you David! I read your post “What do you do?” ha it was a perfect (and much better written) post to read in conjunction with this one! Thanks for the insight, I think everything we do causes us to grow in some way, whether we want to or not.


  5. NELL said,

    This is my absolute favorite video on the internet. Good job. Im glad you are aware of its existence.

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