December 20, 2009

Video Series: Part II, I Am Powerful

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Buongiorno bellas!

Part II brings a video from the super amazing CARE organization (their videos are just very well done.) It is simple and strong. It is moving and mindful and a perfect 3 minute break on a relaxing Sunday. Oh and thanks for putting up with my alliteration 🙂

Another fresh blogger out there posted something today that really touched me. He said, “The minute we were conceived we became receivers and transmitters. We are connected to this world, this fantastic universe, and to each other. Our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes are our tools to use to create the ideal life experience inside and out…The same works outwardly for those you love. You can create them as something for them to grow into.”

Don’t limit yourself or those around you just because you have preconceived notions or fears. Like the video says, you are powerful.

“I’m dreaming up a decade free of doubt where every life is loved and celebrated.” (via)

With Love,

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  1. regina said,

    once again i love it :]]

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