December 8, 2009

Holiday Hell

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Ok, I know I just posted yesterday but this post is going to serve as my very necessary outlet to VENT.

I consider myself a happy person. I have never had much road rage and am polite to strangers and friendly to new people. I’m not calling myself perfect- just congenial. So why is it that now that I am home I have found myself angrier and more impatient than ever? I have picked up about 20 hours a week at work while I’m home for break, and find myself thoroughly enjoying the change from kid/teenager packed afternoons to the over 65 club that comes in the early morning. They are all very pleasant and sharing stories helps to pass the time. Yet as soon as an instructor gets in to teach a pre-school class (right as my shift is ending) I find myself physically restraining from taking over the class. She was a horrible instructor, the children were bored and she wasn’t even paying attention to them! I was able to make it out without saying anything- a good thing because I knew it would not have been said nicely.

After work I had to rush over to the eye doctor and run a few errands. My eye doctor is a jolly, pleasant man who would make a stunning Santa Clause impersonator and I didn’t mind the visit one bit. Then, I get out and am completely overwhelmed with my negative feelings towards every person in a car around me. The things that come out of my mouth (aimed at them) while driving surprised me! “Tis the season for sh*tty drivers” (that was one of the milder ones). I don’t know where this came from. Maybe it is because I haven’t driven in a while and forgot how it was…I don’t know. I do know that I don’t have many reasons to be stressed or angry and yet I am.

For many people, this is what the holiday season is like. It is filled with stress, frustration, anger, resentment, maybe even fear. The holidays are meant to be filled with peace, joy hope and love…yet that often comes after the stress etc, if it comes at all. I don’t want or need that to be me. I did need to vent though, so thank you all for that.

So besides dropping expectations, living in the moment, and not being so hard on yourself- you may also like this hilarious article from the titled “Out-Of-Control Holiday Revelers Deck Shit Out of Area Halls” haha a little comedic break never hurts anyone! enjoy!

How do you all feel during the holidays? What makes you the most stressed? The most happy? Any stress relievers during the holidays (besides a time machine)?

Here’s to a HAPPY holiday season!! (or attempted one :] )



  1. Gina, I feel like now is the PERFECT time to tell you why I hate the christmas season so much.
    Everything about christmas is stressful. You have to go out and buy the perfect gifts with the money you don’t have. You have to drive from crowded store to the next crowded store and you don’t find anything good.
    It is a shorter season this year so it is also stressful. People come into Victoria’s Secret and are overwhelmed, which an unhappy customer eventually leads to unhappy managers and then unhappy employees for getting yelled at by everyone!
    Can I also add the stress of the holiday feasts and massive caloric intake. I especially look fabulous in the NECESSARY ANNUAL pictures with my family and I look like a giant lump of food that people forced me to gorge on.
    ALSO, in ohio at least, expectations are not fulfilled when everyone bitches on their facebook statuses about it not being a ‘white christmas.’ Well, I am SICK of that because I go to Minnesota where there is 3 feet of snow and car accidents and traffic like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone gets road rage, I feel like, and the snow and ice doesn’t help the speed demon inside us all.
    You also get to spend this so called ‘jolly holiday’ with people you see once a year, more or less and some of them, you DO NOT want to be in their presence. I get to spend it with greedy, present hungry, bitter and nasty relatives that are so crabby their mood effects you. If I am lucky, my dads sister might make my mom go running and crying out of the room. So jolly right?

    What ever happened to Christmas being a jolly, happy season that is full of fun, picture perfect family gatherings, with beautiful people sitting around the dinner table, laughing at one another, loving life with not a care in the world. OH YEAH, it never existed.

    Now, that is a vent. Sorrs. Love you-
    xoxo Samari

  2. gina peart said,

    tee hee to you gina and samari!!! funny post, you both made me laugh! christmas “should” be a joyful time and it does get better the older you get. my nieces and nephews make it easy for me as money is the gift of choice! heck i don’t even have to buy a christmas card, an envelope stuffed with dollars makes them happy!!! totally agree with samari on the “white christmas” line. call me a grinch but i do not need snow to make that day any happier. snow makes it hard to drive and SUV’s speed down the freeway like it is a sunny day. this year should be better for me on the traveling as i am a newylwed and my husband can cart me to westerville!!!!!!! love this blog xoxoxo aunt gina

  3. gina peart said,

    oops newlywed !!

  4. JENSEN said,

    I think I know the instructor you were talking about, haha.

  5. Rachel said,

    I know the holidays are stressful. My mom yells at my dad, he doesn’t do anything about it and I get stuck in the middle. We don’t even go to the same Christmas dinner together. Christmas is supposed to be a time for family and I feel like mine is in the middle of a divorce court. I get to bake with my mom which is a plus. This year my mom is threatening to return the gifts my dad bought for her. I guess I needed to vent too.

    • Rachel! Thank you so much for commenting. Listen, everyone needed to vent about this because everyone has to deal with this during the holiday season, even if you typically have a good one. There is just too many expectations for it to be all Martha Stewart and it’s not. Sometimes the best holidays can come when you pretend you are on a reality tv show and imagine how amazing your ratings would be! hahaha anyway I love you all and am happy you guys shared so I don’t feel like such a tard. Also Aunt Gina YOU make it easy by being a great aunt 🙂 haha

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