December 7, 2009

Times Part II: These Aren’t Disney’s Princesses!

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Well Hello Ladies!! (and loyal guy friends) How were all your weekends? Hopefully good!

Anyway I told you there would be a Times Part II and here it is, an article titled “Power to Japan’s Princesses,” all about the rise in young women in Japan’s Parliament. This is a big deal considering Japan is still heavily steeped in “conservative, patriarchal values.” The Diet (Japan’s Parliament- not a national eating plan) now has a record number of 96 women in it, out of 722 members.

“Still relatively few in number and junior in status, women are unlikely to have much of an immediate impact on the Diet. But their influx has unquestionably added a dash of diversity — and perhaps will instill some social conscience and sensitivity to the concerns of working-class Japan.”

It is definitely way out of balance still, but the hope is that these women can increase the attention on issues that are “more closely related to people’s lives such as education and child care.” Or Japanese lawmaker, Erika Fukunda’s particular interest, health care.

“During the election campaign, Fukuda says she was asked by several voters, “What can a young woman like you do?” Her response: “I understand the young part of what they were saying, but the woman part? That is irrelevant.”

I love the cross-cultural feminism but what do you think? Are you excited about this step for Japan? Disappointed that it is not more of a leap? Do you feel that there will be a big change because of more women in their Parliament and if so how? Ha This isn’t supposed to be a quiz, I’m just always interested in your guys’ (or more appropriately gals) views!!

Thanks everyone,

Read more here!

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