December 2, 2009

Facebook Fun (?)

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Just a little somethin’ for ya,

One of my very best friends left me a comment on Facebook that I decided to share for the heck of it.

A little background info: I always say I don’t want to have kids. I know that I am probably not serious but for now I DEFINITELY am and honestly, I have never imagined my future as most girls do. You know, with the husband and the 2.5 kids in a beautiful suburban house. It rarely, if ever, includes having children. I’m not really sure why but probably because they terrify me. I work with kids every day at my job, I love my nephew more than anyone on earth, and yet at the end of the day- they go back home to their moms. Anyway don’t judge too harshly. I’m 18 and really am not worried about the situation because I have plenty of years to worry about it, but in the meantime my friend acknowledged it in a lovely facebook comment:

“okay so I was in the bathroom and there were cosmo articles about what to do to make you more fertile. I thought of you so here are some things you should try to ensure NO babies…
1. start smoking
2. get fat
3. be stressed”

hahaha I thought it was hilarious!! I try to live a very healthy lifestyle and would never do any of those things solely because I don’t want children, but I think that was her point. Anyway feel free to share your future dreams/feelings about children/your disgust in my “decision” (everyone does!)

Love you ladies!! Have a happy Hump Day!
~Gina Marie


  1. gina peart said,

    Me again! Ahh how your post made me think of myself at 18! Yes i did want it all..the 2.5 kids, the white picket fence, the husband that would love me forever. In fact while in high school college was not an option for me because i knew that i would meet that knight in shining armour and have babies. I took secretarial classes in high school so i could get an office job and be able to quit after i was married. It is a decision i regret. I did not have the confidence in myself at that young age and thought my lot in life was to be a mother. I so wish i would of attended college. My parents would of paid my way but i had my life planned out in my head and could not be swayed. So 36 years after highschool i am still doing “office” work and while i do like my job i often dream how my life would of been so different if i had gone to college. I admire woman that think of themselves first and get the education they so richly deserve. I am so proud of you Gina and Nicole and Renee! xoxo Aunt Gina

  2. regina said,

    preaching to the choir! for real know i dont think we’ve ever actually had a heart to heart about kids..but i think it would be a lot of agreeing. youll have to keep that in mind so one day when you feel like you want to have a heart to heart about kids you just let me know! hahaha
    oh did read that thing i wrote soo yeah

    p.s. i got it to work :] okay DONT MAKE FUN OF ME but i read it was becauseiamwoman not becauseiamAwoman. so thats the mistake. so yay! now i can read your blogs and annoy you w. my silly comments :]

    • yayay!! I’m glad you got it to work!! I won’t make fun of you but only because this is a safe and happy place kind of blog and not a put people down kind of blog. haha I don’t think we’ve had a heart to heart about it but I think I did know that we were kind of on the same page. haha.

      Aunt Gina- you are PERFECT!!! I love hearing these little stories about you and I know that everything turned out much different than expected but…when doesn’t it?

      Love you both!! ❤

  3. gina peart said,

    Oh my yes!!!! Did not realize this when i was younger but nothing turns out like we picture..Did not mean to whine in my last post. I have had alot of accomplishments in my life and such good times and hard work on the farm. Bottle feeding my lambs and raising baby chicks took care of the mother need in me! Of course you kids were a great joy. Spending weekends on the farm with me and then the glee i felt wavy goodbye to you as you went home with your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol…. LOVE YOU…xo Aunt Gina

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