December 1, 2009

TIMES: Part 1

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Hello Daahhhlings,

This post has two parts, but they are both from articles I read from TIME magazine.

The first is the cover story of their October 26, 2009 issue. (Can you see how behind in my reading I am? Thank goodness for break!!) I’ll sum up some key points, but I really encourage you to read the entire article as there is so much information I barely know where to start!

– A study conducted by the Rockefeller Foundation in collaboration with TIME found that “men and women were in broad agreement about what matters most to them: gone is the notion that women’s rise comes at men’s expense.

– The article lists some changes from their 1972 issue that was devoted to assessing the status of women in throes of “women’s lib.” Such as the ratio of college campuses. 1972: 60-40 male. Now: 60-40 women. And close to half of law and medical degrees go to women.

– And something not entirely positive, “the evidence that as women have gained more freedom, more education and more economic power, they have become less happy.”

” ‘But there are a few ways to look at it,’ he [Justin Wolfers, a co-author of The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness] adds. “As Susan Faludi said, the women’s movement wasn’t about happiness.” It may be that women have become more honest about what ails them. Or that they are now free to wrestle with the same pressures and conflicts that once accounted for greater male unhappiness. Or that modern life in a global economy is simply more stressful for everyone but especially for women, who are working longer hours while playing quarterback at home.”

(full working women statistics here)

This article raises a variety of questions and issues. Letters to the editors in the next week raised some of these issues such as the confusion of men and women roles, how women want men to be sensitive yet complain that there are no more “real men” in the world. Another, the fact that the “paradox” of women being unhappy even with all their “equality” could have something to do with the fact that they are still earning 77 cents to the dollar compared with men.

What do you think? Of course there has been a gradual, yet huge shift of women roles and power since 1972. Is it all good or is some of it negative? Are we expected more than ever to be super-women? To raise children, keep the house clean and make supper on top of working and bringing in needed income?

Either way, make sure you take a second to pause, breathe, and realize the many blessings we have as women, how lucky we are to be women in a democratic society and how far we truly have come-problems and struggles be damned.

Thanks for reading ladies! Part II will be here shortly! 🙂


  1. Amanda said,

    “struggles be damned.” – lmao

    proud. ❤

  2. Maria Gallagher said,

    okay so everything said i totally agree with, it’s crazy!! It’s sad that with inequality on the rise the quality of life has to go down. (If 77 cent to the dollar is equal) But there were so many good points made that I’ve thought about for forever and never really talked about. Love this and breathing is good because it really is great to be a women despite it all.

  3. You two are amazing!! haha keep reading because you’re just about our only readers! haha just kidding, but really I love that part maria”(if 77 cents to the dollar is equal)” that is hilarious the way you put it. ❤

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