November 29, 2009

Best Friends Forever!

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Hey girlies!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m trying to get settled in here at home again and this weekend was busy because I was trying to fit in seeing everyone over break before they went back to school!
I loved seeing everyone again, but lately one of my good friends out of my high school group has been hard to get ahold of. We have tried to contact her repeatedly, through Facebook, texts, phone calls, but she hasn’t responded at all. At first we wondered if something was wrong with the technological connection, but we realized after this weekend that she’s avoiding us.

This is frustrating for multiple of reasons. One, we all consider her a good friend and a wonderful person. Two, we have NO IDEA what we could have done to her. It’s difficult because I think we all agree that if we have done something to upset her we want to talk it over and resolve the issue. But we obviously won’t be able to if she refuses to speak to any of us.

This might seem a little silly as a blog post, but it got me thinking about women and their relationships with each other. For example, how much do you trust your girlfriends with? Have you ever been betrayed by a girlfriend, or betrayed someone else, and how did you two deal with the fallout? How much do you value your female relationships? Recently I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately that portray close-knit women relationships, specifically The Women and Sex and the City. Do you know of any movies that you feel do a great/terrible job of portraying women relationships, and why?


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  1. Maria Gallagher said,

    I know that I trust my close girlfriends with everything!!! I mean everything and anything. I know that I’m totally guilty of betraying other women and others have betrayed me as well. I mean it sucks but that’s life. I’ve decided and have started spreading the word to who ever will listen, that us women have enough things in this world trying to push us down, the last thing we need is to have each other doing the same thing. We all need to be on each other’s team. what’s with the competition?? Men can get along, I feel like they don’t compete with each other like we do.
    okay back to topic. I love Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and think it portrays women relationships really well. Their always there for each other and they always work things out. Call me mushy but i love it.


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