November 20, 2009

Women at the Windmill

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Good Afternoon gals!!

Just found this amazing story via another favorite blog of mine- it was so interesting I just had to post it today!

An unexpected hero, Trevor Field, is on a mission to bring clean, safe drinking water to rural Africans. His inspiration came mainly from, you guessed it…women!

Takepart says,

“A defining moment in Trevor Field’s mission to provide clean water to people in Africa came when he stumbled across a simple scene: a group of women standing around a windmill-driven pump, waiting for the wind to blow so they could get water. “I just thought, ‘No, this is a pathetic situation to be in,’” said Field, who lives in South Africa. “And ever since then I’ve sort of had a mission in my head to try and help rural people to get clean drinking water.”

Q: What inspired you to get involved–was it seeing those women at that windmill?

A: Yeah, that was the start to get me going, but then there’s a whole load of other stuff that I’ve sort of stumbled on along the way. For instance, women and young girls do have a disproportionate disadvantage from an education point of view, especially young girls. They have to get water before they go to school, so they miss out on their education, because they’re always late. Young girls entering into puberty–they don’t go to school if they haven’t got any water there, they got no facilities to wash their hands, they got no decent toilet systems, so a lot of [them are out] for a week every month whilst they’re menstruating. That’s pathetic, you know, and we can change that.

And a great Frontline article adds,

“The amount of time these women are burning up collecting water, they could be at home looking after their kids, teaching their kids, being loving mothers,” Field tells Costello. He knew there had to be a better solution.”

His better solution is truly unique!

“Field then teamed up with an inventor and came up with the “play pump” — a children’s merry-go-round that pumps clean, safe drinking water from a deep borehole every time the children start to spin. Soup to nuts, the whole operation takes a few hours to install and costs around $7,000. Field’s idea proved so inventive, so cost-efficient and so much fun for the kids that World Bank recognized it as one of the best new grassroots ideas.” (via)

It’s genius!! Check out this video for even more explanation of how his invention particularly benefits women, even changing the gender roles of the communities.

A charitable, creative invention that benefits children, women and creates clean water for the entire community- thats something everyone can love!


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