November 19, 2009

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:15 pm by Gina

WordPress so politely created the heading of this post, “Hello World!” and I decided not to change it since it works so perfectly. This is the birth of a brand new blog and the first blog ever of either Salerno’s or mine. If you click over to our About Me section you will see some of the goals of this newly created masterpiece (ok…in the making!) but there is so much more than that too!

Yes we want to celebrate women, but does that mean our goal is to put down men? Of course not! We’re not spreading any hate here, just trying to reach out to all the millions of women in the world and connect with them in a different way- through a happy, healthy forum. We used the word community- I think that is perfect. Too often women are subjected to negative media environments, and this is our way of creating a positive one. All of our posts will be related to women somehow, whether locally (good ol’ Athens, Ohio! or Columbus if we happen to be visiting home), nationally, or globally. We want to share topics that are inspiring, serious, smart, or just plain goofy. Something that will make you smile, feel connected, and motivate you to continue reaching out to everyone!

Thanks for your interest Ladies! We love ya!

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  1. This is probs the coolest thing ever. The people who started this seem way too cool. I wish I could meet them!

    Word to ya motha.

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